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Z.A. Le Penquer
29620 Guimaëc

Pleasure craft

Amarès range
from 5,70 to 8,65 m

The Amarès range benefits from a lightened "diamond tip" bow which improves passage in rough seas while maintaining great flexibility in navigation.

Amarès, Amarès range

Coryphène range
from 6,20 to 10,80 m

The range Coryphène benefits from a diamond tip bow a true "4WD" of the seas.
Ideal for the navigation in formed sea.

Amarès, Coryphène range

Reverse range
from 4,60 to 6,60 m

The Reverse range is a new range with modern lines. The Reverse range has been designed to meet the requirements of yachting and professional standards.

Amarès, Reverse range

Térénez range
from 5,80 to 8,80 m

The Térenez benefit of a V-bow.
Vessels combining a shallow draft and excellent stability.

Amarès, Térénez range
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