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Amatug 550, Amatug 550, bateau aluminium professionnel


The Amatug 550 is a true small, compact, multi-service tugboat with a protected engine.
Motor placement is optimized:
- Due to the recess at the stern, the engine is naturally protected and will never be vulnerable: the boat can therefore also be pushed backwards or lean on a stern corner;
- As it is centred towards the centre of the boat, the use of a heavy weight 100 hp thruster motor will not significantly alter the boat's trim.

Its "scow" type hull is perfectly justified for the use of the boat as it increases both lateral and longitudinal stability: as there is more volume ahead, during chain-up manoeuvres, for example, the boat pitches less at the nose and the propeller does not come out of the water.

It is entirely protected by white fenders so as not to mark yachts, NIBS type at the bow and stern and delta type on the sides.


  • Type: motor boat
  • Navigation category: 5th and 4the D222
  • Divisions 236 and 222
  • Use: port service vessel
  • Material : aluminium 5083H111 or 5086 H111 (sampling according to BV regulations)
  • 5 mm thick shell; structure, console, engine trough in 4 mm thickness; structure, console, engine trough in 4 mm thickness; profiles in 6060 T6
  • All below-deck volumes are filled with foam
  • Hull length: 5.422 m (18 ft)
  • Overall length: 5.760 m (18 ft 10 in)
  • Maximum beam: 2.373 m (7 ft 9 in)
  • Hull beam: 2.161 m (7 ft 1 in)
  • Hull draught : 0.256 m (10 in)
  • Draught with motor: 0.621 m (2 ft)
  • Light displacement: 1,000 kg (2,205 lb)
  • Laden displacement: 2,200 kg (4,850 lb)
  • Maximum engine: HB 100 hp
  • Fuel tank: 60 l (15 US gal)
  • Naval architect: François Lucas
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